Household Plumbing Tips

Drain Cover A drain cover can help catch hair and debris to help keep your drain running smoothly. Clogged pipes can cause some obvious frustrations and inconveniences. Did you know pipes that aren’t draining properly can lead to fractures and breakdown of the pipe? Make sure you have a good

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Furnace Service and Cleaning.

HVAC Filters

Now that it’s hot outside and your AC is working overtime make sure you are changing your filters regularly. There are a variety of air filter options. Here are just a few: HEPA Filters HEPA filters are the ideal HVAC filters. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air and these filters

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HVAC Condensate Line

HVAC Drain Did you know your HVAC system has a drain? It’s called the condensate line. Your HVAC condensate line can get clogged by things such as insolation, dirt, dust, debris, and even hard water build-up. Beware of Clogs A clog in the ventilation system sounds ominous, however, it’s pretty

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iWave-R Collins Commercial Services is happy to offer the iWave-R! This device is installed in your air duct system and has a patented self-cleaning design that ensures ongoing peak performance. Reduces Allergens and More The iWave-R kills mold, bacteria, and viruses. It also reduces allergens, odors, smoke, static electricity, and

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Jetting And Camera Services

Grease in Kitchen Sink? Plumbing tip for the day: Don’t put grease down your kitchen sink! If this has happened in your home don’t panic we have the services to help!   Sewer Camera and Video Inspection This is a great service that allows our technicians the ability to see any

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