Diversity at Collins

Our work is diverse--and so is our team

We embrace the unique skills and perspectives of our employees, clients, and customers.  It is our purpose to foster an inclusive culture that allows each individual to contribute fully, resulting in an innovative and inclusive workplace able to provide the top quality workmanship core to who we are.

Company-wide training

Collins conducts company-wide training sessions on the following topics:
* Introduction to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
* Intent versus Impact
* Microaggressions

Leadership Training

Collins trains our leadership on fostering a respectful workplace environment & workplace allyship

Employee Surveys

We conduct annual employee survey to get feedback from employees on the treatment, inclusiveness, and experience within the environment. In addition, Collins has built customized plans to address areas of opportunity

Inclusive Practices

Collins continually reviews policies and communications to ensure inclusive practices and language is consistently used.

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