The two service representatives that came to my house to fix the clogged toilet were professional and prompt.

Luann Green Avatar
Luann Green

Gerardo came today to fix a water leak in the piping to our laundry sink. He was on time, friendly, and efficient! Kudos to Gerardo for excellent service!

Barbara DuPonte Avatar
Barbara DuPonte

They do a great, professional job... Have used them for years!

Ross Mason Avatar
Ross Mason

The plumber, Gerardo Aguilar, was very nice and professional. Did a good job on my sink. I was happy with the service I obtained.

R Avatar

Eric was professional and quick.

Michael Fossum Avatar
Michael Fossum

Jason and Eric were courteous, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. Collins Commercial responded very quickly for our need of a new water heater and replaced it and got it working the next day. We highly recommend Collins Commercial for any of your plumbing or AC needs!! Extremely satisfied customer 🙂

A Google User Avatar
A Google User

One of the best plumbing services I have had! Eric called and said he was on his way and would be there in 10 min. Even though I asked for a 30 minute call due to rush hour, etc., he immediately said I can wait for you or if you don't mind I will go to my next job and come back your way. I agreed but he was still able to come over within the time frame even after moving one person ahead! Super nice...asked questions...and went to work. He explained everything he was doing as I checked in on him from time to time to see if he needed anything. Less than an hour later, job finished, drain running well and life is better. Eric was super nice and left absolutely no mess behind! Bravo!

Eric Jones Avatar
Eric Jones

Had camera work done by Brian. He did an excellent job of explaining the process and where we had problem with roots in our sewer tap. Highly recommend and will use again in the future if needed.

Gail Morgan Avatar
Gail Morgan

Eric showed up on time, found the problem, fixed the problem in a timely manner. The faucet which is a very expensive Moen, works just like new. Eric was professional in appearance and work habits. double thumbs up. 🙂

THXkid Avatar

Don’t let the name fool you. Collins Commercial is the one to call for residential needs also. Quick, competent, considerate, capable, and caring. This is the third time I have called for help over the last couple of years, and they have provided simply superlative service each time. Note the phone number on the vehicle in the picture and WRITE IT DOWN 😊.

Donna Ives Avatar
Donna Ives

Excellent service. Chris did a great job fixing my toilet and service was super fast. Thank you

Shay Ogebule Avatar
Shay Ogebule

We just had Paul out to fix a leak and his customer service was amazing. He was very knowledgeable and I'm grateful that our home warranty company sent out Collins. We'll be requesting them from now on!

Krista Morris Avatar
Krista Morris

Eric, was ahead of schedule! Polite and efficient he had my drains running smoothly in a short period of time. He went through the entire house to make sure that all drains were working properly. Thank you Eric

Sheila T Avatar
Sheila T

Excellent job, very professional. The plummer Gerardo was outstanding

Peter Diggens Avatar
Peter Diggens

Brian did a great job of helping us out with a small plumbing issue in our new house. As importantly, he had a friendly attitude, despite having to drive a long distance to our house at the end of his work day. Often times it is those little things that make the biggest difference. Thanks, Brian!

Edward J. Powers II Avatar
Edward J. Powers II

Eric was great! He fixed our plumbing issues efficiently and effectively!

Katie Marsh Avatar
Katie Marsh

Eric did a great job clearing a very deep clog that I couldn't fix myself. Thanks.

Williams Keith Avatar
Williams Keith

David came out to do some repairs at my home and I can say he did a awesome job really nice guy and told me everything he was doing to keep me informed of the job he was performing .

Nick Blackdc5 Avatar
Nick Blackdc5

Had Eric here to fix our many plumbing needs from lack of hot water to plugged drains and lack of water to the toilet. All was fixed in no time. Thank you Eric for a great job. Happy customer

Nancy Hill Avatar
Nancy Hill

Eric Bruzelius arrived within window, did a great job, explained it and told me some extra general info about our dishwasher (not really his job but he went above and beyond). Thanks Collins! Best, Lynn

lynn clarfield Avatar
lynn clarfield

Gabriel came out and was very thorough in his work and explanation of work, best a/c repairman we have ever had at our house. A/c cleaned and running ice cold.

Shannon Thompson Avatar
Shannon Thompson

Gerardo did a fantastic job! He was professional and worked quickly. He even ended up going to three stores to grab the correct part for our shower.

Andrew Burke Avatar
Andrew Burke

Received exceptional plumbing service today from Collins Commercial Services. Eric was fast and friendly! I would use them again in the future.

Brad Tarrant Avatar
Brad Tarrant

Chris from Collins came to repair plumbing concerns in the bathroom. He came within the allotted time frame, called 10 mins before arriving, very polite, knowledgeable and fast. Excellent service!

Vanna Manik Avatar
Vanna Manik

I called my home warranty company to fix my broken AC . They scheduled Collins between noon and 4 pm. I received a courtesy call from Jeremy with Collins at 2:30 pm. Patrick said he was about 30 minutes away. He examined our unit and determined a bad capacitor and the reset switch for the compressor had tripped. He answered all my questions and was very polite. Kudos for Collins, because if he is an example of the type of employee that Collin's hires, they have done well

R Murry Avatar
R Murry

We had an appointment set by our Home Warranty company with Collins to repair a leaking toilet tank. Collins responded within an hour of our service request and arrived in under 24 hours to fix the issues. Gerardo was our technician and he did an excellent job while maintaining a very high level of professionalism. The complete fix to replace all of the tank components took roughly 30 minutes and the toilet is operating better then it was before the leak started. I highly recommend Collins and will use them again.

Larry Nader Avatar
Larry Nader

Paul was courteous, prepared and did a great job! Thanks!

Beth Wiley Avatar
Beth Wiley

Would highly recommend Collins Commercial Services! The plumber who came to our house is named Eric, and is the first plumber we've ever had that actually took time to explain what was happening, what needed to be done by him, and what we can do in the future to help it from occuring again. We have had 4 different plumbing services and they all gave me the impression that they were handymen, and not plumbers.Thank you Eric, we really appreciate your help!

Mark Willis Avatar
Mark Willis

Great service from Brian! I used my home warranty company and they sent out a company that couldn't get the job done, which was a simple washer drain clog. I called them and asked them to send a different company and they sent Collins. Brian came and my drain was fixed in 15 minutes. Great friendly service by someone who obviously knows what he's doing. Thank you Brian.

Cheryl Ware Avatar
Cheryl Ware

Brian came to my home in north Scottsdale to replace a waterline main valve and a broken pressure regulator. He showed up wearing his protective gear on time and began his work. After a couple of hours of hard work, my plumbing was good as new, and when he left, there was no mess left behind. Great guy who performs excellent work!

Jerry Hillard Jr Avatar
Jerry Hillard Jr
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